Najdat Anzour’s most recent movie, ‘King of the Sand’ mocked by Ibrahim Jabr

Najdat Anzour’s most recent movie, ‘King of the Sand’ mocked by Ibrahim JabrIbrahim Jabr, a Saudi Actor:I came here to talk about the controversial movie, ‘King of the Sand’, made by the director Najdat Anzour. It seems suitable now to inform society what Anzour is; a tainted liar that uses the regime to get wealthier, and does his best to deceive individuals who watch his films. King of the Soil would be a a lot more appropriate title for this movie, than King of the Sand. This film has only shown the truth that Anzour evidently holds a grudge against King Abdul Aziz. Let’s take a moment to establish a comparison; think of the different remarkable accomplishments of Saudi society when it was ruled for forty years by King Abdul and Hafez Al Assad, and compare this with the ongoing problems in Syria.

I’m not here to stand up for the King however; he has his family members and the Saudi nation to shield his good name. The only objective of me being here at this time is to expose the lies endorsed by Anzour, and the ways he has tried to convince those who watch his films, that they’re some form of art. Anzour simply doesn’t fully understand enough about King Abdul to create a film about him. The general public has now observed a hint of what type of man Anzour is, when he decided to release the film Hoor Al Ein. In this production the director made every effort to tarnish the image of Saudi society. Later, we all watched as Anzour took part in interviews broadcast online. During this, he declared that he had in fact made the movie Years of Darkness, with the aid of the president of Libya, Gaddafi.

Then Anzour took the side of the largest tyrant of them all, the Syrian president Bashar, and then developed the film, King of the Sand. It is abundantly obvious who paid him $15million to do this, and of course Anzour continues to state that the cash was only ever used to aid the development. I’m only a citizen of Saudi Arabia who feels that we as a nation have been misled by this man. It is the people who made him popular; just a few decades back, he was simply an assistant for Mohammad Aziza, and he was overjoyed when he was handed the opportunity to work with a Saudi series. Nonetheless, my sole objective here is to utilise this video to show what a liar Anzour actually is.

Take Care,

Ibrahim Jabr.